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Amora Botanicals

Amora Botanicals Essentials box

Amora Botanicals Essentials box

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Elevate Your Everyday Self-Care

Amora Botanicals Essentials Box: Elevate your daily self-care routine with our thoughtfully curated collection of essential oils and comprehensive resources for a holistic lifestyle. This premium box includes:

Eucalyptus Oil: Immerse yourself in the refreshing and revitalizing scent of eucalyptus. Transform your shower or enhance your yoga practice with its invigorating aroma. Dive deeper into its profile and explore its therapeutic benefits with our detailed oil profile card.

Lavender Oil: Create moments of calm and serenity with the soothing essence of lavender. Incorporate it into your self-care rituals or promote restful sleep with its gentle aroma. Learn more about its origins and uses with our informative oil profile card.

Lemon Oil: Energize your day with the vibrant and uplifting fragrance of lemon. Infuse your living spaces, skincare routine, or uplift your mood with its citrusy notes. Discover its versatile applications and benefits through our comprehensive oil profile card.

Carrier Oils - Coconut and Jojoba: Enhance the effectiveness of your essential oils with nourishing coconut and jojoba oils. These premium carriers ensure perfect balance and provide optimal skincare benefits. Explore their unique properties and uses with our detailed carrier oil profile cards.

Essential Oils Usage Guide: Delve into the world of essential oils with our comprehensive usage guide. Learn about the therapeutic properties of each oil and discover practical applications for cleaning, breathing, and skincare. Unlock the full potential of essential oils with our expert tips and recipes.

Dilution Chart Card: Navigate the art of blending essential oils safely and effectively with our handy dilution chart card. Ensure proper dilution ratios for various applications, from massage oils to room sprays. Empower yourself with the knowledge to create customized blends that suit your needs.

Everyday Holistic Lifestyle Recipes: Embrace a holistic approach to wellness with our curated collection of recipes. From calming diffuser blends to nourishing skincare concoctions, these recipes enable you to create wellness rituals that resonate with your body and mind. Elevate your everyday self-care routine with our holistic lifestyle recipes.


  • Essential Oil Roller Bottles (2): Effortlessly blend and apply your favorite essential oil blends with our high-quality roller bottles. Create soothing massage oils, calming blends, or energizing perfumes for on-the-go use. Experience the convenience of targeted application and carry your customized scents wherever you go.
  • 16oz Spray Bottle: Our 16oz spray bottle is perfect for creating refreshing and invigorating room sprays, linen mists, or natural cleaning solutions. Transform your living spaces with the uplifting scents of essential oils and embrace a fresh, clean environment.
  • Fine Mist Spray Bottle:Experience the versatility of our fine mist spray bottle. Create refreshing facial mists, hair sprays, or DIY skincare products with a fine and even mist. Enjoy the convenience of precise application and indulge in the benefits of essential oils in your daily beauty routine.

With the Amora Botanicals Essentials Box, you not only receive a selection of high-quality essential oils but also gain access to valuable resources and expert guidance to seamlessly incorporate them into your everyday life. Elevate your well-being, embrace natural solutions, and explore the endless possibilities of our holistic lifestyle offerings.

Note: The availability of specific ingredients and accessories may vary based on seasonal and product availability.

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